Elska’s fat tummy

Last Wednesday Elska was precisely 7 weeks pregnant and because of that we had an x-ray to see how many puppies she is expecting.

This time it was easy to count how many puppies she was having then with the first litter. The puppies now have more space then last time. This time she is expecting 5 puppies! We are again very happy with a nice full litter. Below you can see the picture. Are you counting with us?

After the x-ray we got a little extra fun echo! For us just fun to watch and for the students there very educational and a good chance to practice. Elska is very relaxed with the x-ray and echo, she is just napping on the table (without any sedative , just relaxing)

This time it was very awesome to watch the puppies party in her tummy. One was rolling over, others were drinking and we got to hear very nice hearthbeats. This time the heart was not a small flickering light, but a clear heart with nice chambers that you could see working. One pup was so close that we could even see the intestines. It was so nice to see that we forgot to make a lot of pictures, but we got some to show you.

A perfect hearthbeat

counting toes

A clear image from a hearth and ribs

At this moment it is 34 degrees outside and 30 degrees inside. We are doing very relaxed and are only active at night. Altough Elska is very fat she is still very fanatic and doesn’t seem to have that much trouble with her fat tummy.  When we walk late at night when it is much cooler she is still swimming. She still likes to eat a lot and doesn’t have any signs of nausea or other things.

We look forward to the birth of the 5 and will make lots of pictures so that you all can enjoy it with us!

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